The High Street in your hands

Independent business owners, we’re here for you.

Increase your local exposure. Watch new and loyal customers organically grow your brand and promote your business through the community.
Sounds simple doesn’t it? It is.
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Engage new customers

Customers make your world go round. Rather than just wait for them to find you, we give your business the opportunity to reach out and find them with your brand and content. And at the perfect time.

Open your community

Localise gives your customers the perfect opportunity to shout about how brilliant your independent business is by boosting your brand through the population. If your business is getting attention, we’ll make sure everyone else in the neighbourhood knows. Open your community with the power of people.

Indie powered

Built exclusively for indies, Localise is the dedicated space for connecting with local businesses. In a world of faceless digital transactions, we encourage people to get to know the human being behind their indies. We get social ‘for real’ by encouraging shoppers to move from their smart-screens, back through local doors.


No drama,
just good Karma

With recent circumstances bringing never before seen challenges to our wonderful indies, supporting the High Street has never been more important. We know it has been a tough time for many business owners and we believe it’s up to all of us to pull together and support each other on the road to recovery and beyond.

Localise users boost their own profiles by supporting your business.

Everyone’s a winner.

Have you noticed too?

Using Social Media to grow your brand and small business has become an expensive thing to do right? We don’t think this is fair. This is a huge part of why we created Localise and our founding team were crystal clear from the outset.

Our objective is to build a community based small business app which will never hurt your pocket. Our goals are to support our indies, our High Streets and to drive local money back where it belongs.

We’ve worked hard to create an authentic and engaging platform to help boost our independents and grow the economy.


owner of Scandanavian touch

Rebecca Ellis Onyett

owner of Reo Jewels

Sarah and Roman

owner of Seaside Kitchen and Cake Parlor


owner of The Margate Book Shop


owner of Little bit Margate


owner of The Potato shop


owner of The Snug

In a world of increasing division, we value connection

Localise leverages the power of your local audience and fanbase to drive brand exposure and increase traffic to your digital channels. And more importantly, your physical business.

The digital age has changed the landscape of the High Street but we’re still firm believers in the human connection. We’re striving to reduce faceless digital transactions by bringing genuine interaction between real humans into the online experience.

Harness the power of people to help your small business.

A bit more about us?

We’d like to use this space to tell you a little bit more about Localise and what we stand for. We think it’s important. Don’t worry though, we’ll keep it brief – we know you’ve got a business to run.

We’re old school

OK, we’re a tech company, but we have old school values and we believe in traditional ways of interacting with and respecting each other.

We know that behind every small business, there is a real human being and although the world is firmly in the digital age, we strive to maintain human connection and community.

We’re passionate

Localise was born out of a passion to help our small business community and the desire to add value is at the core of every decision we make.

We set out to provide a platform that is simple, inclusive and productive and we love speaking to the small business owners that make up the Localise family.

We play fair

Authenticity is one of the most important elements of our organisation. We’re determined to ensure that our platform is and will always be a positive and fair community which adds value for everyone involved.

No negative vibes round here thank you. Them’s the rules.

We’re grateful

We are extremely grateful for the opportunity to connect with and help wonderful small business owners. The ability to make a difference is what keeps us pushing forwards.

It drives our strategy and maintains our focus on ensuring Localise is, and will always be the completely cost effective choice for our indies.

We’ve won some awards

But enough about that…

Early access?
You Beta believe it

Before we fling the Localise doors open with a joyous ‘Hurrah’, we’re regulating the onboard of independent businesses so we can manage everything as seamlessly as possible.
To beat the crowd and get early access to the Localise platform, please click below to find out more.